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Your Creative Dharma


“Each of us have an epic life within us,

and it is your responsibility to bring it out of you.”



As promised, it’s now time to begin crafting  a perfect-for-you vision of successful living:

Joyful Success – On Your Terms. 


What does success mean to you?

What is your value system?

What are your most meaningful goals?

The Cambridge dictionary defines success as:

The achieving of the results wanted or hoped for;

something that achieves positive results.

But I love this definition from Wallace Wattles;

“Success in life is doing what we want to do.”

Or this one from Maya Angelou.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

For each of us, this is different.

Success is personal.

Though we all know the conventional symbols of success, each of us has different criteria for what it is that makes us feel successful.

This exercise is designed to help you get clear on what those elements or ingredients of success are for you, to help you define success – on your terms – aligned with your value systems, desires and what’s meaningful to you.

It’s time to consider what’s included in your ultimate picture of success – and what isn’t included.

And remember, we’re not simply crafting a picture of success – we are defining the parameters for joyful success. 

So, if wealth and luxury aren’t particularly joyful to you, they aren’t essential markers for your success.

You may decide that time freedom, location freedom, creative freedom or a like-minded community is more your idea of success.

Equally, if you are excited by the creative possibilities and delight that the world’s best places and spaces will inspire in you – include that vision.

If it matters to you, it matters.

And if it’s not meaningful for you – it may or may not be part of your future, but it’s not a core feature of your dharma zone sweet-spot.

In our bid to include joy at every level of this work, we can, and should, design the most joyful version of that vision.

But just as sustainable service must be joyful and aligned with your gifts, the most sustainable success will be your most joyful success – what truly delights you, not just the conventional social markers or symbols of success.

To help you in clarifying this vision, it may be helpful to revisit the Why What Now and Designing Your Creative Dharma work you did in Week 1.



Over to you!

In your journal or notebook, write down the words, feelings, aspects or ingredients of success that matter to you.

Make notes of what would be a vision of joyful success – for you. 

And remember our premise of Not Just What But How?

See if you can include the ways you’d like to pursue your joyful success, the values and feelings and principles you’d like to enjoy along the way.

Keep refining and brainstorming until you feel excited and exhilarated by your vision, a definition of success that inspires and delights you and energises you to really go for it.

Today’s work is simply to make a start with this vision, but know that this can be a working document that you add to in the days and weeks ahead as you get ever clearer on what matters to you and what are essential features of Joyful Success – On Your Terms.

Here are some prompts to help you begin;

When do you feel successful?

What do you consider your greatest successes?

Why are you proud of those achievements?

Whose success do you aspire to or envy?

What is the true essence behind their success that you are really craving or seeking?

If you could imagine a single defining moment, where you would know that you had ‘made it’ – what would that look like?

What would that feel like?

Over the next few days, we’ll be doing more work to clear the way to your vision of success, to reduce or eliminate any success blocks and to ensure your mind is on board. 

But for now, please just allow your heart and soul to come to the fore for this exercise.

Tune in to what you really want to create and achieve, and allow your deepest desires to guide your definition and allow your true callings to be heard and acknowledged.

This is the time for your Best Self to step forward and reveal not only what’s possible for you – but to envision what’s in store.

Are you excited?

I hope so!

Now, it’s time to get to busy crafting this beautiful blueprint – the joyful success of living your creative dharma.



”Anytime we show up for life

with integrity and impeccability,

doors open.”



That’s all for today!

Again, please do invest some quality time with this exercise.

This work is the heart of Your Creative Dharma, so taking the time to get really clear on your definition of success can reap rich dividends in the future. 

I’ll be back in a couple of days with some more resources to help you with this powerful and important work. 


Got questions or feedback?

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Photo Credit : Heart light: Bruce Hong; Glasses: Malcolm Lightbody; Fractal: Daniele Levis Pelusi