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Your Creative Dharma


“No one can do what you can do.

We are waiting on your greatness.”


Before we begin today’s work in exploring Your Joyful Purpose, I’d like to tell you a short story…


Did you ever watch Lost, that TV series that gripped audiences a few years ago?

Like many, I was hooked by the adventures and stories of a cast of characters trapped on a desert island.

Amid the drama and intrigue though, there was a subtler aspect of this unusual scenario that caught my attention.

On a remote island cut off from civilisation, with no rules or regulations, no governing body, no laws or enforcement – an interesting thing happened.

People automatically took on specific roles in the group.

The characters naturally gravitated towards a certain type of work or contribution that served the entire community.

Everyone used their skills and preferences for the good of the whole, or at least for their survival.

Without any prompting or force, people assumed roles such as Leader, Hunter, Jester, Counsellor or Physician.

Others were drawn to the tasks of cooking, building shelter or beautifying the living quarters.

Some grew herbs for both medicine and nutrition.

Some provided inspiration, hope or spiritual support.

Without the issue of money or commerce or government, without the usual social expectations or demands, everyone adopted what I like to call their Zone of Brilliance.

And they all had one – they all had something they could do well, better than anyone else.

Sound familiar?!

And when each character did ‘their thing’ – the whole community benefitted.

They even evolved from mere survival to actually thriving – save for the intervention of polar bears or a creepy black mist…

I share this story in the hope that it will inspire you and help you find clues about your own Zone of Brilliance.



For today’s exercise, imagine you’re on a similar Lost kind of holiday – but without the unsettling mysteries and hostile natives.

You have arrived to join a remote friendly community on a beautiful paradise island.

There is no money system, there are no laws.

Just a harmonious group of loving creative people who are committed to the good of the whole.

Now, the question is;

What would you do to help the group?

More specifically, what would you love to do to help the group? 

Aim for your highest level of service: your most joyful contribution.

Because there are limitless resources.

If you want to paint pictures, there are infinite supplies of paint and canvas.

If you want to write stories, you are completely free to spend your days scribbling or typing overlooking the sea. (Where you’ll find me. 😉 )

If you want to dance, sing, create beauty, design more efficient systems – there is an audience and a real need for that expression.

There are no rules, no limits, no expectations other than that you offer your gifts to the group in a spirit of love and contribution (which just happens to have the lovely side-effect of making you feel fantastic about yourself.)

So, what do you do?

What unique talents do you bring to the mix?

What is your preferred mode of creative expression?

And as you let your imagination run free, look out for any details, try to be specific.

If you are to be the resident writer, what will you write?

Fiction or non-fiction?

Books or poems?

For adults or children?

Funny stories, love stories, inspiring visions for the future or lessons from the past?

If you want to cook, what would you love to serve?

How do you enjoy gathering your ingredients?

Where do you most enjoy preparing the food – in a cool forest shelter or over a fire on a sun-drenched beach?

Picture this scenario in as much glorious technicolour and detail as you can.

Notice the aspects and elements that excite you and appeal to you.

And don’t restrict yourself in any way – if you love a variety of roles, get specific about what’s in your unique mix, your rare and perfect blend of interests and inclinations?

Your Zone of Brilliance can be an intriguing amalgam of unusual combinations – just like you.

So give your imagination free rein.

And even though I hope you will enjoy this visualisation exercise, this is deep and powerful work, so you may like to enlist your spiritual support system for this exercise.

Ask for guidance with these questions if you’re finding them tricky, or even if you’re not.


Ask for clarity.

Direct your mind to reveal the answers.

You could pose the question before you go to sleep and say: I expect to receive clues to my Zone of Brilliance in the morning or soon after. Thank you.

And remember to trust joy.

In a spirit of openness, playfulness and keeping it light and breezy, consult your heart and soul in finding the answer to your questions.

Here are some more question prompts to help you begin your enquiry:

What can I create to uplift and inspire the group?

How can I serve with love?

Who do I most joyfully serve?

What are my favourite ways to contribute?

How could I help with flow, bliss and joy?  

Write these questions out in your journal, or just pose them to your marvellous mind with an expectation of some clear and heart-warming answers.

They will come.

And as they do, you will naturally open up to the ways you can live and work and make a difference in the world through your Joyful Purpose.


“There is something you can do

better than anyone else in the whole world.”


That’s all for today!

Please do take your time with this exercise – it could lead to some truly enlightening and liberating shifts that will powerfully support Your Creative Dharma. 

Have fun! 

And I’ll be back in a couple of days with our next exciting instalment…


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