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Your Creative Dharma


“If we’re to look more deeply into what it is to be alive, aware and creative, we must consider both the workings of the human mind and the larger context in which we as human beings function.”



A few years ago I read a theory on life and the universe that lit up something powerful within me.

It was an old book called The Creative Process In The Individual by Thomas Troward, a 19th-century judge and author.

I bought it during my early years of training as a creativity coach – when I was reading anything and everything that had the world creative or creativity in the title.

I’d expected it to be about how we creatives do our work and manage the ups and downs of the creative process.

I wasn’t expecting what it was really about but the premise of this book blew my mind.

Or to use one of my favourite quotes from the book, opened my mind to:

a vista of infinite possibilities.

Thomas Troward’s theory (greatly simplified) is that the Creative Power that made us, the universe, the planet, did so via a series of Laws, and when we humans align with these Laws – we can access the same creative power.

The idea that we humans possess divine powers to create – or at the very least, greatly influence – our living reality.

Or as Deepak Chopra puts it,

“We are divinity in disguise… We are Gods and Goddesses in embryo.”

This may not be a new idea to you – in which case, you are well-placed to build on this theory as we go throughout the course.

However, if this is a new idea – that we have divine powers to cocreate with universal forces – I invite you to just ponder the possibility.

We’ll be exploring this much more in the following weeks, and my intention is that by the end of the programme you will be in no doubt of your creative powers.

But for now, I just want to introduce you to the potential that may as yet be untapped.

This is one way we’ll be harnessing the power of intentional, cocreative living to move closer to Your Creative Dharma.

And this conscious, intentional partnering with the laws of the universe is, I believe, the secret to what I call automagic success.

After all, it will take ideas beyond common thinking to master the art of becoming virtually magnetic to success. 

“Our awareness of our divine nature is our creative power.”



However, collaborating with divine forces is not the only way to be an intentional cocreator.

Just as architects and engineers work with the laws of gravity and physics, and gardeners work with the rhythms and cycles of nature, we can also harness and align with other aspects of our world around us – both physical and non-physical.

Some examples are;

• Human nature and tendencies

• The rhythms of Nature and growth

• Season, patterns, cycles

• The laws of mind, eg, the creative powers of intention, imagination, belief

• The law of karma or reciprocity

• The law of cause and effect

• The law of vibrational frequency

We will be exploring these as we go along, so you will be able to choose which creative partners you resonate with the most.

All that’s required for this week is an openness to this idea of collaboration, and an awareness of how the world we live in can help in our quest to Your Creative Dharma.

And the first exercise to support this idea is going to harness one powerful force that, as a creative, I am sure you are already very familiar with:

The Creative Power of Imagination.

Shall we put it to work for you?




Photo Credit : Casey Horner