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Your Creative Dharma


This exercise is going to help you enjoy more clarity, as well as more of whatever it is you’re really seeking…

This work includes some big questions, so if you’re coming up blank, leave it and come back to it a little while later.

The answers will come if you persevere!

Seek and you will find.



Why are you doing this work?

Why are you seeking your creative dharma?

Why do you think it will benefit your life?

Why are you investing your time, money, attention and energy in this journey?


In your journal or notebook, write down your thoughts on these questions.

And take your time.

Give this some quality thought.

This is important work.

Dig deep.

(If it helps, go back to the 3 questions you answered on the Welcome page.

• • • 

And now…

Dig deeper!

Here are some prompts to help you.

Are you doing this because;

Your dharma is calling you?

You crave more expression?

You want an agenda of joy, flow and ease?

You’re seeking creative liberation?

You want to live your life by design?

You’re hungry for a 5* life?

You long to live in joy, peace and freedom?

You intend to fund your divine life purpose?

Over to you!


From the reasons you came up with for WHY…

What are the feelings you hope to feel when you are successful with this work?

What is the essence of those benefits?

What is the true, deep, inner desire behind the surface desire?

For example, if you feel that discovering Your Creative Dharma would liberate you from a job you don’t love, the essence of that hope/desire/wish is Freedom.

Or if you’re drawn to this work because you want to live and express your creative spirit, the essence of that urge is Expression.

Or if you feel called to prosperity so that you can experience the world and enjoy the best of life, this essence might be Aliveness.

Make a list of the essences behind your answers to WHY and see if you can craft them into a short list of common themes, qualities or elements.


Now that you are clear on the essences that are important to you – how can you bring more of those themes into your life today?

We’ll be exploring precisely how this can help later in the course, but for now, please just play with the idea.

Brainstorm or ponder small, simple ways you could increase your current access to the essences, in your life as it is.

And don’t worry if you can’t think of anything.

Just posing the question to your mind will kick-start its solution-seeking tendencies – so you will probably find ideas occurring to you in the days ahead.

But do keep asking the question – and looking for ways you can begin…

Have fun!



NOTE: This is a powerful exercise to do thoroughly, but it’s also helpful to adopt this enquiry as a regular thought pattern.

On an everyday basis, you can ask: what is the essence of this yearning or desire, this want or need?

Keep an eye on your inbox for your next exciting instalment when we’ll be exploring The 1st Principle of Your Creative Dharma.

(HINT : We’ll be using some of the skills from the Prep Work so feel free to spend some more time with those tasks, if you need to.)

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Photo Credit : Aaron Burden