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Your Creative Dharma

WEEK 2 : The SECOND Principle

“The real secret of power

is consciousness of power.”



Last week we established that we are cocreators and that this process of crafting Your Creative Dharma, or in fact anything at all,  is a partnership with world around us.

Now we’re going to harness one of the most powerful collaborative partners:

Your own mind. 

Your mind, in particular, your belief system and your self-image, can have an enormous influence on both your behaviour and your results.

So this week’s focus is designed to support you in aligning your mind with your vision for Your Creative Dharma.

NOTE: If you have a spiritual connection that is important to you, I believe that this connection occurs via our mind and that working with our mind can only strengthen this relationship.

For example, if your faith is based on the idea of God or Source or Spirit, then mind is where that connection and communication occurs.

We’ll explore the precise nature of mind and our spiritual partners a little later on, but for now, feel free to use whichever interpretation of mind feels appropriate for you.  

Your Creative Dharma – Principle 2 :


Getting Your Mind On Board

There are 3 parts to this process of getting your mind on board:

1. First, we’ll explore just how much difference it can make – in other words, the creative power of belief.

• • • 

2. Next, we’ll discover ways to upgrade our beliefs to support this vision we’re working towards.

We’re going to learn exactly how we can get our minds on board.

I’ll share with you the tools and techniques that I have used with great success and a lovely empowering sense of delight in life’s magic.

This work isn’t complicated but it does require perseverance, patience and faith – much like the creative process itself.

And the results are just as a rewarding.

• • •

3. Finally, we’ll clarify three core beliefs that need to be installed, cultivated or developed in order to fully embrace Your Creative Dharma at all levels.

This mindset work is designed to reduce those invisible and often unconscious inner conflicts that can sabotage your results.


I also have some good news for you!

If you’ve been asking The One Question from the last exercise – you are already doing this work of getting your mind on board!

But this week’s material is designed to help you be more pro-active and aware of the cocreative power of your beliefs, so that you can design them to fit you and Your Creative Dharma more intentionally – and expect to see results.

(Expectation is also a useful creative power – as long as you’re expecting what you want!)

Shall we begin exploring the rich

and powerful realm of Creative Belief?