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Your Creative Dharma


Our beliefs undoubtedly impact and influence,
even create, our results.

As part of our process of Getting Our Mind On Board, here is a step-by-step guide to the phases of creative belief – as I understand the process, after 13 years of trial and (many) errors.


1. The Glimmer of Something

 “What if…?”

A spark of illumination breaks through your normal everyday thinking – a new desire, a vague idea, a glimmer of something that calls you, even though it may seem impossible.

This is the very beginning of the creative process, when the seed of an idea is planted.

It is a vital first step but is unlikely to have much conviction behind it or any visible impact on the outer world.  


2. The Doubtful Wonder

“I’m really not sure if I can do this, but I wonder if I can…? I’d like to try.”

Here the idea is gaining momentum but it features more doubt than belief and so it is still far from physical completion. 


3. The Inkling of Possibility

“This might actually work. I think this just might be possible.”

A blossoming sense of belief is beginning to infuse the idea with possibility.

It’s becoming established as a real option in the mind and so will begin to take shape in numerous ways.

Conversations will develop that progress the idea.

Inspired new actions will spontaneously occur.

Opportunities will begin to appear. 

4. The Growing Faith

“I do believe this is working! I can sense success with this. I can imagine this going my way.”

This it The Tipping Point in the Cocreative Process of Belief.

The strengthening sense of belief leads to more empowered actions.

The power of faith kicks in and begins to carry the process forward –  synchronicities arise and everyday miracles appear to line up for the idea’s success. 

This is also the phase where it becomes easier to enjoy the process – which has a creative power of its own. (More on that coming up!) 


5. The Knowing

 An inexplicable, deep and certain inner sense of It Just Is.

 “I KNOW this is working. I just know this is going to happen.”

 In the spiritual realm, this phase is also known as Detachment, Surrender, The Click or The Done Deal.

It’s the phase when the mind’s cocreative powers have worked their magic and now all that is required is for the inevitable fruition to occur in the physical world.  

It’s a great feeling!

And it’s accompanied by a new ability to relax in confidence and trust that everything is occurring just as it should, even if some of that progress is still behind-the-scenes.

Doubts and worries lessen or completely disappear. 

The creative power of positive expectation filters in and helps to speed up the appearance of results.

6. The It’s Happening! Celebration & Relief

 “It IS happening!”

A wonderful phase of excitement, relief, and often a deep and profound gratitude.

By now, the mind is completely convinced of the viability and success of the idea and its tangible, physical evolution is increasingly visible to the outer world. 

7. The Realisation of The Desire

“I’ve done it. I did this!”

The Creative Process is complete.

The Ultimate Goal has arrived in physical form. 

It is done. 

The mind no longer views this as an idea or possibility but as an achievement. 

A new success to add to the list. 


Did you enjoy our journey through the cocreative phases of belief?! 


I’m sure you are already familiar with the nature of the creative process and how ideas go from inkling to fruition.

But I hope that this framework will help you to see how our beliefs vary during the process and how these belief phases can affect our results.

Also, this is not a linear process – we will flit and waver between these phases many times during the process.

But momentum can and will build in the direction of creation if we persevere.


Having an idea of the different stages of the process can be helpful in both identifying where you are and knowing what you need to do next.

We can also be intentional with our beliefs, cultivating new ones that support our vision and creative work.

We can use this process to begin priming our minds for the Next Level beliefs.

Which brings us nicely to our exercise for today…

Would you like to use this framework
to play with some Next Level beliefs?

Got questions or feedback?

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Photo Credit : SwapnIl Dwivedi