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Your Creative Dharma

WEEK 4 : The FOURTH Principle

“Your detours and misalignments

are absolutely essential to the depth

of your forward motion.”


Welcome to Week 4, where you’ll discover the fourth and final principle for finding and living Your Creative Dharma. 

It’s time to reveal the final pillar of the magnificent, life-enhancing foundation we have been building.

This beautiful concept has brought so much peace and joy to my heart and I truly hope it will do the same for you.

It’s designed to simultaneously spark your spirit and soothe your soul – another of the wonderful paradoxical ideas that you’re no doubt getting used to.

(Life does seem to love a paradox!)

But before we begin our study and practice of this principle, let’s just recap the core ideas from our work over the last three weeks.

Your Creative Dharma :

Principles 1, 2 & 3

Principle 1 : Aware, Empowered, Intentional Cocreation

In Week 1, we explored the idea that we are cocreators – that we live and work in a sea of energies and influences – and we embraced the idea of working with these forces.

We also opened to the idea that we are more powerful than is commonly believed and that we are essentially divine in nature.

• • • 

Principle 2 : Getting Your Mind On Board

In Week 2, we began experimenting with the power of our mind to influence and even create our reality.

We played some games and developed some practices designed to shape our minds in ways that support this vision of Your Creative Dharma.

• • • 

Principle 3 : It Ain’t (Just) What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It

And in last week’s work, we learned about the ways in which we create and live – how they can play a part in both our experience and our results.

We opened to a new awareness of how our energetic frequencies impact our lives and our success – and how we can harness these forces to play out in our favour.

• • • 

Now, if I were to leave you here and let you go off to create your vision and dream career, I believe you would be well-armed to make powerful and delightful progress in crafting Your Creative Dharma.

You have, or are developing;

• An empowering intention to align with life’s laws, rhythms and forces.

• An understanding of the power of your mind and techniques to shape it to support your goals.

• An awareness of the subtle ways you can influence your reality and results.

These are powerful tools for defining and living a wonderful life!

By embracing just these three principles, you would be well-armed to enter a new empowered phase of intentional living and all the beneficial ripple effects that come with cocreating your life and career by design.

But there is one final idea that I believe will turbocharge your success.

A single idea that will both fuel you and help you stay on course and on track whenever the path gets bumpy.

This idea is the final Principle of Your Creative Dharma.


The final principle for Your Creative Dharma is simply the acceptance of a particular idea, or the intention to accept this idea.

The idea is this:

Each of us has a rare and precious blend of gifts and talents, experiences and desires which is absolutely perfect for generating a unique and valuable body of work – work that is our highest contribution to the world, our most joyful and excellent expression, and the vehicle for our happiest success.

In other words, there IS a sweet-spot of joy, expression, purpose and success – that is uniquely perfect for you.

There is a particular career path, mix or zone that is a perfect blend of all aspects of you – and you are here to bring the expression of that blend to the world in ways that uplift, delight and prosper you and others. 

You are here to bring to life the creative work that only you can offer the world – creations that will serve humanity and make a valuable difference that only you can make.

There IS a dharma zone sweet-spot for you.

And part of your work here is to discover it, refine it – and live it.

Your Creative Dharma – Principle 4 :


You have a unique and valuable dharma-zone sweet-spot – and you are here to find and live it.

We have been developing this idea ever since I introduced it so excitedly in The Joy of Dharma ebook.

But before we get into the practical work of implementing this idea, I’d love for you to take this opportunity to fully embrace it, or at least to decide whether you would like to integrate this worldview into your belief system.

So, before we continue, please choose one of the following summaries of this principle – or craft a version that feels right for you:

• My gifts are unique and valuable.

• I believe in a dharma zone of Right Expression for me.

• There is a unique and valuable dharma zone sweet-spot available for me.

• I have a creative dharma sweet-spot and I am here to find and live it.

• I have a unique job to do in this lifetime and I am guided to it by joy, success, expression and meaning.

• My joyful work, my unique life experience, my talents, my preferences, my personality and desires are a perfect blend for creating my unique and valuable contribution to humanity.

• There is a path that is perfect for me and will lead me to my optimum expression, purpose, success and joy. I intend to find it and live it.

Once you have chosen or crafted the version of this principle that feels right and exciting for you, keep a copy somewhere you can revisit easily and often.

You could write it on the inside front cover of your journal, or create a screen saver, stickie-note or bookmark of your affirmation of this principle, and then use your favourite tools for aligning with this idea.

Getting your mind on board with this principle, in a way that feels good to you, will help to kick-start the automatic success-seeking mechanism of your mind and guide it towards your vision for Your Creative Dharma in spontaneous, magical, seemingly-miraculous ways.



Your homework for today is to use all you’ve learned so far to acquire the empowering sense of knowing that you are here for a reason, that your creative expression is at the heart of your purpose, and that you are perfectly and uniquely placed to bring your vision to life, in joyful and prosperous ways.


• • • 


“The world needs that special gift

that only you have.”


That’s all for today. 

Tomorrow we will begin working with the first ingredient of our Sweet-Spot formula. 

But for now, please spend some time with this idea and explore ways to incorporate this principle into your mind, your heart and your life. 

Till tomorrow! 




Photo Credit : Cobbles: DDP; Tunnel: Vladimir Kramer; Path: Patrick Fore