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Your Creative Dharma


“You are in charge of your life,

and the mental patterns that order your life.”



What we believe affects our lives.

Few would argue with this idea.

We all know that an empowered confidence is likely to yield vastly different results to a doubtful or fearful approach.

And in recent years, science has been confirming what spiritual masters have long been suggesting: that our minds have a very real ability to influence our lives even beyond the direct results of our actions.

The world is beginning to see how our thoughts and emotions and energetic frequencies have creative powers all of their own.

Whatever the extent of your experience of these ideas, one thing is certain – getting your mind on board with your vision of Your Creative Dharma will affect your results. 

For example, your belief in your skills and talents will influence what you create, or even what you attempt.

Your self-image – the vision of who you are, comprised of a lifetime of experiences and ‘evidence’  – will play a part in what you expect, what you demand and what you feel you deserve.

These ideas will undoubtedly impact your success.

And if you believe yourself to be a valuable, fortunate and uniquely gifted creative person, this mindset will greatly influence your desire to give back, to contribute and to discover and live your purpose.

Meaning will matter to you, and as result, you’ll begin to enjoy the many beneficial ripple effects of prioritising purpose and meaning.

The actual mechanics behind how this works – the physics, the metaphysics, the spiritual ideas and the practical reality – are still very much under debate.

It’s a fascinating field of study (one of my favourites!) but I’ve learned that what matters less than how this works is finding out for ourselves that it does work.

The proof of our own experience will be the power behind this theory and enable us to use it to pursue our dreams and live the life we have imagined.

So, even though I’ll share my insights and results, it’s not necessary for us to completely understand, or even agree on how this works.

This material is designed to simply help you discover that it works by experiencing it in your own life.

Because real life experience will always be far more convincing than any number of theories or third-party explanations.


We are far more likely to attempt things that we believe are possible.

If we think a thing is impossible – or at least, impossible/improbable for us – we’re unlikely to go for it, or if we do muster up the courage to begin, we will give up more easily and admit defeat much more readily.

This is how our beliefs can directly affect our results.

But in our mission to embrace the forces at play in the world, in our agreement to partner with life’s laws and support systems, let’s explore the creative power of belief at a deeper level.

Let’s harness the untapped potential and power of our minds to get behind our goal and vision.

This is where Principle 1 meets Principle 2 – cocreating with the power of mind.

At least, this is where we do it with intention and awareness, because to some degree, our minds are already running the show!

As much we feel we are consciously in charge, experts estimate that up to 90% or our behaviours are unconscious – driven by our habits, emotions and belief systems and programming.

Aka: The mind.

So, our work now is to use our conscious will and intention to craft and shape a mind that automatically works with our vision of success.

“Your program for more liberated living consists in,

first of all, learning something about this Creative Mechanism,

or automatic guidance system within you.


This is one of the most powerful ways to cocreate: through our minds, our energetic frequency and our subsequent actions.

In the modern, Western world, we’re used to giving priority to the latter, it’s commonly accepted that it is the only thing that affects our results.

And it’s true that our actions do certainly have their consequences – but what drives those actions?

What makes us do the things that help us, or the things that sabotage us?

And why can two people take the exact same action and receive differing results?

Something deeper than mere action is going on.

That deeper something is what we are going to focus on this week and throughout the entire course.

As a journey designed for creatives, there will, of course, be a strong element of creativity, productivity, action and ‘real world’ results.

But as empowered cocreators, we’re going to work with the larger picture, embracing the ideas of that our mind and our energies influence, attract or repel and even create our results.

Whether you prefer the explanation of spirituality, metaphysics or psychology, we’ll explore how we can use these factors to help us find and live our Creative Dharma.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will control your life and you will call it fate.”


The exact nature of the creative power of mind has been explored for millennia and there are thousands of books on the subject.

And if you have big dreams or a desire to live intentionally by your own design, it’s a topic that is worth a lifetime of study.

(If you’d like some starters and my favourites, there are some recommendations here.)

However, all we need for this work is to begin to see the theory in action.

And to help with this, I’ve created a working model of this process – based on my experience, studies and insights.

Of course, this is only my take on the matter and I’m sure new insights will appear to refine it further.

But for now, I offer you this framework as a starting point to begin playing with these ideas.

There’s no need to be utterly convinced that this is the definitive process, it’s simply a working hypothesis that will enable you to discover and harness the power of your mind in creating Your Creative Dharma.

Would you like to explore my working model

for the cocreative process of believing?




Photo Credit : Greg Rosenke