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Your Creative Dharma

The 5F Formula
for happiness & success

It’s time to share with you a simple, memorable formula
that I’ve found to be a winning combination
for happiness and success in both career and in life… 

Do you remember way back weeks ago in the marketing material for this course where I promised you a 5 Fs Formula for living in dharma?

Well, now it’s time to reveal these five powerful ingredients as a kind of summary of your journey, as well an aide memoir for the aspects that we’ve covered in Your Creative Dharma.

This is essentially what we’ve already worked through but it’s just another way of framing what to focus on, what matters and what really makes a difference.

Think of it as simply looking at this work from a different angle.

And I’ve put it together in an easy-to-remember 5 Fs formula to help you check back in more easily with the core elements of this journey.

So, let’s begin with the first of our Fab Five Favourites…


The first of our mighty ingredients is Faith.

Faith is a real spiritual power and one that will fuel your journey to Your Creative Dharma.

In Week 2, we explored the power of our belief system and so we know the impact a strong faith can have on both the process and the results.

One of the Core Beliefs was based on a faith in a friendly universe, a spiritual support system – the idea that Life Loves You.

If we trust that we live in a world of plenty, with infinite resources available to us – Troward’s vista of infinite possibilities – this is faith.

A belief in abundance, an awareness of benevolent forces at play on our behalf, feelings of support, a love affair with life – these are all aspects of faith that will serve you in pursuing and creating your beautiful vision of career success and creative fulfilment.

But the power of faith can go beyond spiritual beliefs.

Faith can be a strong and resilient belief in yourself.

A strong self-image, confidence, a determination to craft the career and life that calls you – this is faith.

Believing in the value of your creative gifts and talents, believing in what you’re doing, that your work is important and needed in the world – this is a brand of faith that can power your creativity and fuel your purpose.

So, faith, in all or any of its aspects is the first ingredient of our 5 Fs Formula – one that I highly recommend cultivating in the ways that most speak to you.

We have already begun incorporating this powerful force into our journey, but if this is an area you’d like to focus on more deeply, check back in with our Week 2 work and the books in the Recommended Reading list.

(You can access the Week 2 menu here.)

“Faith is not a singular state
that we either have or don’t have, 
but it is something we do. 

We faith.”



This is an easy one.

We spent much of Week 3 diving into the idea that It Ain’t Just What We Do But The Way That We Do It.

In other words, frequency matters.

And it’s easy to incorporate this idea and its power into your life – just intend to adopt the habit of tuning in, checking in with how you feel.

Are you operating from a place of calm, excitement, delight, enthusiasm, love, generosity, confidence or joy?

Or have you slipped into some of the less powerful frequencies? (As we all do, from time to time, being the perfectly imperfect humans that we are.)

Wherever you find your energy has gone to, the mere intention to recalibrate can often be enough to shift your perspective and realign with what matters.

And if you need further motivation, this quote famously attributed to Einstein (though there is some debate) reveals the benefits of adopting this habit:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want
and you cannot help but get that reality.

It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy.

This is physics.”

The reality you want: not a bad payoff for instilling the habit of checking in on how you’re feeling!

And once again, you’ll be pleased to know that with your work so far, you are already primed and prepared for making this a lifetime habit – one that will not only support Your Creative Dharma but has the additional happy benefit of helping you to not miss out on how wonderful your life can be.

Feel free to make unlimited use of this ingredient – the intention to feel good, to live in joy, to pursue positive emotions and the best energies available.

For Your Creative Dharma, for your potential, for the good of your health, for the access to guidance, for the cultivation of your Best Self – the one that can most powerfully serve the world – cultivate the habit of monitoring and managing your frequency and tending to it as you would a precious loved one, with attentive care and devotion.

It will respond with delight and magic.

I promise.


FGAM is an acronym I use often in my journals and in making notes because it crops up a lot

From my studies into creativity and success, as well as psychology and spirituality, I’ve realised it plays a HUGE part in creating the work we want to create, living the life we want to live, and enjoying the journey.

It stands for Feeling Good About Myself.

FGAM is like an umbrella term for more specific ideas like;

• Self-image

• Self-esteem

• Self-belief

• Confidence

• Self-love

• Self-acceptance

• Deservingness

• Worthiness

• Mindset

• A can-do attitude

• A sense of agency

• An ability to go for what we want.

It could also be summed up in a word that I made up to express more accurately some of the positive feelings I was beginning to feel as I calmed my inner turmoil and boosted my sense of self:


FGAM encompasses all these ideas.

It’s essentially the notion that we like our selves and our life, we like who we are, we are excited about who we are becoming.

And it’s a powerful way to live.

This is what we’ve been aiming for in all our work in Getting Your Mind On Board and incorporating good feelings into our blueprint.

It’s also partly why we play the Luck You game in the Prep Work.

Performing acts of kindness boosts our happiness hormones – the feel good endorphins that are so uplifting to our mood, as well as our health and sense of self.

But why is it so vital to feel good about ourselves?

How does it help in cultivating Your Creative Dharma?

Author of the classic work on the self-image, PsychoCybernetics, Maxwell Maltz shares that:

“Our self-image, strongly held, determines what we become.”

In other words, the way we think and feel about ourselves is the core determinant of our actions, habits, behaviours and beliefs that create our lives.

It influences what we believe is possible (for us) and as a result, what we’ll attempt or pursue.

It is one of the most powerful aspects of our personality and our power.

And it’s a vital ingredient in our work because creating Your Creative Dharma is a considerable goal!

Continually cultivating FGAM will give you the heart, courage, energy and will to go for it.

With gusto.

And like all our ingredients, it also makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

Here’s an affirmation to help you experience more FGAM in your life and work:

Thank you for helping me feel good about myself.

I LOVE feeling good about myself!


Another easy one.

When I planned the marketing for this course, I designed it to appeal to the generous souls of the world, the purpose-driven creatives, the humanitarians, the kind-hearted people who care about more than just their own success, who also care about their fellow humans and our amazing planet.

If you’re reading this, this is you.

So, I know I am preaching to the converted when I say that incorporating the wellbeing of others in our agendas and plans is  a worthy way to live and a desirable part of the mix.

And in Week 4 we explored the power of purpose, how we can use our desire to help others to fuel our expression and creative work, and to overcome fears and doubts.

And so, I’m sure that our fourth ingredient in this formula will make perfect sense to you.

This element can also bring balance to the pursuit of Your Creative Dharma.

There is much in this work that is focused on you and your needs and your desires – and rightly so, they matter and act as valuable signposts.

But to live well as a rounded and worthy addition to the human family, there’s also a place for looking beyond our own dreams and desires to see how we can support the dreams and desires of others.

My own desire to do this is why this course exists.

So, if you have enjoyed this journey and found any benefits in what I’ve shared with you, you’ll see how this drive to serve others can uplift, inspire and create more joy and success in the world – gifts that will ultimately return to you in kind.

Plus, turning your attention to the needs of others can also make a refreshing change if you are prone to overthinking or too much self-analysis.

Tending to those around us, whether our immediate circle or the larger world community, can often help us to see our own lives in a new light.

Balancing self-awareness and empowerment with a larger perspective that includes others in our vision, can be a fulfilling path to success and happiness – as well as our perennial favourite side-effect: enjoying the journey.

If we embrace the element of purpose in Your Creative Dharma, then we accept that our creative gifts and talents are not solely for our own benefit and enjoyment.

We have been entrusted with spiritual marching orders – a divine mandate to share these gifts for the good of the whole.

I believe 1000% that we are meant to do this work with as much joy, delight, freedom and success as possible, but that we’re also meant to always include the intention to live and work and express ourselves in a spirit of service to humanity.

As a bonus incentive, (though I know you don’t need one) – including a devotion to others provides a welcome boost in the FGAM stakes, too.

“The world needs that special gift

that only you have.”



The theme of our final formula ingredient is the idea of aligning with the forces of nature and swimming with the flow of life.

Forward motion.

Life moves ever onward.

The nature of Nature is continual growth, expansion and expression.

Creativity is the bringing forth of something new.

Your Creative Dharma is an evolutionary journey.

There is a forward motion to all of this, to all of life.

And I believe that embracing this idea can be both helpful and encouraging.

• • • 

Firstly, expression is the very heart of this programme.

Your Creative Dharma is designed to help you get clear on your more joyful expression and then to offer that to the world.

This expression is your creative spirit in motion.

And this force is infinite and endless, always driving you forward, always aligned with the flow of life for more expansion and greater expression.

So, it can be helpful to acknowledge that creativity is never done.

There will always be more to learn, to master, to discover, to create.

There is no finish line for your creative spirit.

It will never be done, complete, finished.

Hopefully, this brings a degree of relief.

Because if we will never be Done – all we need to do, all we can do, is to just keep moving forward, to keep expressing our creativity and allowing that endless energy to keep flowing through us.

To align with this forward flow of life, all that’s required is a commitment to show up with our best intentions, and to keep showing up.

All we need to do is do our best, and to keep going – resting and playing in large amounts, and then to keep embracing the desire for ever new and improved forms of expression.

But rather than viewing this as a recipe for dissatisfaction or an endless pursuit of an elusive goal, this idea can free us to enjoy where we are right now.

If there is never any ‘done’ – what are we rushing towards?

There is no ‘There’.

There is only forward motion.

As we reach one goal, we’ll develop another.

As we get closer to our vision of Your Creative Dharma, we’ll develop an even more inspiring and powerful idea of how we want to live.

The joy, power and magic is in the moving towards, in the becoming.

There will undoubtedly be wins and achievements that will fuel us, but these are milestones on a path with no end.

And as we entertain this idea that we don’t need to get to an imaginary finish line, we can focus on where we are in the process.

Of course, we can influence and alter the direction of that motion, as this programme is designed to help you do.

We can still uphold our inspiring vision and be committed to its pursuit.

But when we take the focus off the end of the process and simply embrace the idea of continual forward motion – we get to relax a little and give ourselves permission to enjoy the journey.

And we know the power of that strategy. 🙂

• • • 

The second benefit of the ingredient is that we accept the natural forces within us that always want more.

In a society that often berates us for wanting too much, it can be tempting to think that maybe we should settle for less.

Maybe you’ve had a thought like; Who am I to want this grand vision of loving my work and enjoying success and fullfilment and expression?

But this urge to express, to grow, improve, progress – it is innate.

It is our nature to create.

As legendary Wealth Consciousness author Wallace Wattles shares in The Science of Getting Rich;

“We are subject to the urge of life.”

A sentiment echoed by personal development expert Bob Proctor;

“If we jump, we want to jump higher, if we run, we want to run faster, if we sell, we want to sell more.”

The desire to express our unique gifts and talents is the spirit of life within us.

So, instead, I would argue; Who are we to deny the universal forces of life’s evolution and suppress these creative gifts that are yearning to be born in the world, for the good of the world?

I believe that embracing our innate desire to express our spirit in bigger and better ways can liberate us from any outdated ideas that we should limit our dreams or keep ourselves and our lives small.

A commitment to continual, calm, confident forward motion with as much joy, flow and ease as possible, is a worthy answer to the call of life, and a sustainable pace to respond.

It’s also a powerful driving force in moving ever closer to Your Creative Dharma.

• • • 

A final benefit of this idea is as an encouraging check-in tool.

Creative projects of any significance will take time.

There are many opportunities throughout a lengthy process for seeds of doubt to appear, or discouragement at the distance between you and the end result.

So, to raise flagging spirits or restore wavering faith, it can be helpful to simply ask:

Am I making progress?

Am I moving forward?

Am I improving at all?

If the answer is yes, if you can detect the force of forward motion in your efforts, you can take heart that you are getting there, you are on your way.

You may be keenly aware that you are not quite where you want to be, but a strong sense of progression and improvement can provide a welcome boost to help you keep calm and carry on.

“We are built to conquer environment,
solve problems, achieve goals,
and we find no real satisfaction
or happiness in life
without obstacles to conquer
and goals to achieve.”





As much as I love the creative life and this beautiful vision of dharma, I know that it can be a bumpy journey. 

This work is powerful and worthy but it is also unconventional and challenging – it will require our best efforts to persevere in the face of social dogmas and life’s inevitable trials. 

So, on a personal level, I’ve found that this formula is helpful for any tricky times when I feel lost or doubtful or like I’m fighting the odds. 

It is heartening to know that if I’m struggling in one area, I can return to this formula and see if there’s one of the other aspects that I feel more able to succeed with. 

For example, if my faith is a little wobbly, I know I can turn my attention to my frequency and find a way to rebalance my emotions and energy – which always makes keeping the faith much easier. 

Or if I’m frustrated with the results of my own Forward Motion, I can take a break from pushing my agenda and look for ways that I could help others. 

It’s amazing how often my own efforts bear miraculous fruit when I focus on supporting others in their success. 

And if there are times when I know my energy has slipped, I can dig out some of my favourite FGAM tools, ie those aspects identified in Cultivating My Best Self – and I know that I will somehow shift my energy back towards a more positive and productive frequency. 

With this formula, I know that if I am struggling in one area, I can leave that for a while and turn to one of the other ingredients that feels more do-able in that moment. 

Having these alternative options – all designed to support my bigger vision – can be a soul-soothing relief during difficult moments. 

They are also a much more time-efficient and productive alternative to struggle, confusion, frustration and feelings of defeat. 

So, I share this formula with you as a kind of fall-back or refuge during any testing times which are a feature of attempting anything great or worthwhile. 

But it also has value beyond mere rescue remedies.

This formula is a distillation of the elements I’ve discovered that lead to a good life, well-lived. 

I honestly believe that if you focus your time, attention, energy and efforts on these 5 aspects, you will enjoy a powerful, productive, meaningful, beautiful and happy life.

“God’s gift to us is more talent and ability
than we could ever express in one lifetime.

Our gift to god is to develop those talents
and abilities as we can in our lifetime.”



After all your deep inner work over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ll be ready some practical homework. 

So, for this week’s work, please can you give some thought to how you could use your creative skills to create a reminder of these 5 Fs Formula ingredients. 


Whether your chosen medium is imagery, colour, pattern, texture, words, light, movement, connection etc… – how can you represent this formula in a way that is joyful and meaningful to you and creates a powerful reminder of these five core elements? 

And I would LOVE to see your creations! 

You could either email me or share on social media with the handle @yourcreativedharma and the hashtag #yourcreativedharma. 

I can’t wait to see how you express this life-enhancing formula through the Unique Filter of You. 🙂 

That’s all for today. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour through my decades of studying how to live well!

And I’ll be back in a couple of days with some more notes to help you review and integrate our work so far…




Photo Credit : Candles: Steve Johnson; Light tunnel: Vladimir Kramer; Glass heart: Tim Mossholder;   Star Ceiling: Martin Adams; Beach heartlight: Steve Halama; Footprints: Roman Kraft; Yellow diamonds: Lubomirkin