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THe 3 Core beliefs

Your Creative Dharma


The 3 beliefs you need in place for Your Creative Dharma success.

“Be not afraid of life.

Believe that life is worth living,

and your belief will help create the fact.”


So far this week, we’ve covered the first two aspects of Getting Your Mind On Board;

Part 1. The Creative Power of Belief

Part 2. Techniques for installing and upgrading beliefs

Now it’s time for the final part of this week’s material:

Part 3. The 3 Core Beliefs that will give you a strong foundation on which to design and create your vision for Your Creative Dharma.

There are many mindset upgrades and new beliefs that will help you make real progress – reducing the resistance and self-sabotage that occur when your mind is working against your vision.

We have already explored some of these and we will continue to develop even more throughout the course.

But I believe that there are 3 core ideas that not only support all the others, but are essential for fully embracing the power and sense of possibility you’ll need to pursue, persevere and realise your vision for Your Creative Dharma.

And since these 3 core ideas are so vital, we’ll explore each one in depth.

But I know enough about the mind to know that you won’t truly be able to concentrate on what I’m sharing with you until I address the questioning part of your brain which is currently jumping up and down and demanding to know; What are the 3 core beliefs?!?!

So, to give you some peace and the concentration you need, I’ll summarise them here first.


The 3 Core Beliefs of Your Creative Dharma are:

1. You believe in you.

You have a self-image, confidence and belief system that allows you to attempt difficult things (eg creating a dream career) and persevere because you believe you can do it.

2. You believe you are supported.

You have a spiritual practice or awareness that enables you to feel supported by life, God, the Universe etc…

This single idea can make a huge difference not only to your results but also to how much you will enjoy the journey. (Aka your life.) This joy also has its creative ripple effects.

This is where we’ll explore your trust in the benevolent forces and revisit your spiritual nature and divine powers.

3. You believe your vision is available and that it’s good and right for you to achieve it.

To allow success, you’ll need a belief system that knows success is a good thing – that it will improve and enhance your life, and that it is safe.

You need to believe that it is available for you and that you deserve it.

Also, as a purpose-driven creative, you’ll also need to fully embrace the idea that your success will benefit others.


Now that you know what these core beliefs are, shall we begin exploring them? 

Got questions or feedback?

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