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Your Creative Dharma

WEEK 1 : The First Principle

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”



You are a creative.

We all are.

But we are all also cocreators.

We are creating our lives and our work in collaboration with the world around us, our fellow humans and the laws and mysteries of the universe.

The Carl Sagan quote above reminds us that we do not create in a vacuum.

Whatever branch of creativity that we love, and however independent or solitary we may like to feel, we are part of the world.

We are subject to its laws, surrounded by its inhabitants and influenced by its cultures, communities and environment.

Anything – everything – we create is in partnership with the world around us on some level.

For many, much of this collaboration is accidental, undirected or unintentional.

Their lives are buffeted by the winds of fate, or the will and whim of others.

But we can choose to be more intentional in this collaboration – and this is one of the core pillars of this programme.

Your Creative Dharma – Principle 1 :


Aware, empowered, intentional cocreation.

Throughout this course, as aware, intentional, empowered seekers of purpose and prosperity, of recognition and impact – we will explore and embrace this collaborative aspect.

We’ll include the world beyond ourselves, not only at the end of the process when we offer our gifts and talents and creative work, but also aligning with its forces and influences and requirements during the entire creative process.

As creatives, we feel called to give to the world and this is certainly part of the aim of this journey.

But we can also receive – and this openness to support can help us in our work, as well as making the journey much easier and more fun.

In our bid to craft Your Creative Dharma, we are going to get intentional about this idea of collaborative creation.

In order to give of our gifts, we will first align and even partner with the forces that be to help us in our mission.

We are going to get to know our partners and team up with the forces affecting our lives – in marvellous, magical and even miraculous ways.

For this process to work, to live and work in dharma, the truth is; we can’t do this on our own.

But that’s good news!

Because put it another way;

You don’t have to do this on your own!

Feel free to heave a sigh of relief because if you’ve been trying to fix or fathom this on your own, everything is about to get much easier.

Powerful forces, influences and support systems are available to help you with your plans.

And if you can refine your thinking to believe that they are rooting for your success, life takes on a whole new sense of joy, flow and meaning.

But more on that coming up.

For now, let’s venture into one of my favourite assets to share with you: the exciting realm of Your CoCreative Power…




Photo Credit : Tim Swaan