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Your Creative Dharma


“What you seek is seeking you.”


As you’ve probably guessed,
the final element of your dharma zone sweet spot is…
joyful success.

But before we dive into what that might look and feel like for you,
we’ll spend some time discovering why success is such an essential element, as well as ways to create the conditions for success to occur naturally.


In this week’s study of your dharma zone sweet-spot, we began with a bedrock of Joyful Expression.

We explored what you love to create – and how.

Then we brought Joyful Purpose into the mix.

We looked for the ways that you are perfectly placed to serve your fellow humans, or the particular needs that call your heart – needs that you can serve with your creative gifts and expression – and do so with a willing and joyful spirit.

Now it’s time to refine your skill-set still further, to discover where you are particularly gifted and talented, where you naturally excel or are keen to improve.

The final ingredient of our dharma zone sweet-spot is to find out where you can shine – and to open to the natural rewards of that dazzling brilliance.

In other words, Joyful Success.

Including this element will pave the way for that happy vision we explored in The Joy of Dharma.

Do you remember?

Here’s a snippet to refresh your memory…

The rewards from this work are such a blessing, you would do this work for free.

And yet, by some mysterious magic, this work appears to be magnetic to success, prosperity and wealth of all kinds.

Money flows to you.

The people you are most able and happy to serve – they find you!

Synchronicities happen daily, bringing more of your audience and customers to your work.

Delightful and lucrative opportunities seem to fall into your lap.

Yes, you’re taking action, doing the work – yet it feels as though you’re being carried along by an invisible force that guides you to inspired action in a sense of
effortlessness and ease.

You are in the flow, aligned with the whole universe in ways that benefit you and others.

You no longer do this work to make a living – your financial life seems to look after itself -and yet the more you love this work, the more you love to share your gifts and serve the world, the more money flows to you.


And – a joy to creative hearts – there is no compromise.

Your success is a vital part of your contribution.

Purpose and prosperity, fulfilment and financial success, wealth and happiness – you can have it all.

In fact, you have a divine mandate to prosper.

You have a sacred duty to accept, allow and enjoy success.

I hope this refresher will inspire you for this next section, to stoke the fire that will fuel and sustain you in these final stages of your journey to Your Creative Dharma.

But also, I want to remind you of the benefits, the incentives, the bigger vision and the true ‘soul goal’ behind all this work.

Because, as strange as it may seem, even though it seems success is what the whole world is chasing, we very often resist it or even fear it on some level.

So, to help integrate this essential element, we’ll address some common forms of resistance to success, before we begin crafting a clear picture of your joyful success – the version that’s meaningful and acceptable to you.

This will help us clarify a definition of success that’s aligned with your values and beliefs, one that you can get behind, without reservation, guilt or apprehension.

Then you can freely pursue the life that calls you and includes the rewards you deserve – the vision that embraces joy and fulfilment, ease and flow, abundant blessings and grace.

Because as Deepak Chopra shares in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

“When your creative expressions
match the needs of your fellow humans,
then wealth spontaneously flows.”

Creativity, expression, purpose, and the spontaneous flow of prosperity…

This is success, dharma-style.

“Cherish your visions and your dreams

as they are the children of your soul;

the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.“




A core aspect of the concept of dharma is that when we are aligned with the work we are here to do, success is a natural byproduct.

And all through this journey, success has been a key aspect of our vision.

But why does success matter?

Why must we include success in our vision?

Why must we embrace and allow success?

Why must we conquer any ‘success blocks’?

Surely, if so many of us have issues that prevent us from being successful, shouldn’t we just settle for a life of expression and purpose, without needing worldly recognition and value?

I believe that in our mission to live our best lives, to do our best work and to be our best selves – to make the impact we are here to make – we must master the art of successful living.

However, as much as we all claim to want success, many of us will resist this challenge.

So, if it sounds daunting to you, don’t worry.

Because in Your Creative Dharma, you get to define what ‘successful living’ means to you.

We’ll work to create a vision of success that is not only acceptable to you, but one that excites, inspires and empowers you.

We’ll bypass many of the common blocks and resistance by designing Joyful Success, a blueprint of Success On Your Terms.

Just for a moment, see if you can imagine that…

Imagine, joyful success – on your terms!

We’re going to flesh out the details of how that would look and feel for you in little while.

But if you’re like most mere mortals, you’re probably wondering; is that even possible?

If so, cast your mind back to the very beginning of our work together…

Because if we’re on board with the idea of ‘vistas of infinite possibilities’, that we are powerful cocreators, endowed with divine capabilities and limitless potential, supported by benevolent forces – we’ll find it much easier to believe that our vision of success could be possible for us. 

And believing it’s possible makes a powerful difference to how, or even if, we pursue our goals – which is why so much of the foundation work in the material was designed to help you believe Your Creative Dharma is not only a possibility but an important calling.

So, to support you further in embracing your vision of success, here are the reasons why I believe it is a vital part of this journey:

1. Our Best Self

In Week 1 of this work, we explored the idea that we are powerful cocreators.

As such, we choose to aim for our optimum life experience, the best possible version of our time on this planet.

If we believe in vistas of infinite possibilities – why not shoot for the stars?!

If it’s possible, and we believe it is – why not pursue the most meaningful, exciting, liberating, powerfully inspiring and joy-inducing idea of success – one that we craft and design for ourselves, based on what truly matters to us?

Of course, this optimum vision is different for each of us, but if we can design our own version of success and include the benefits in our life and career – why settle for less?

• • •  

2. Freedom

Financial rewards for our work will allow more freedom to pursue our creative goals and dreams.

When we are paid well for our efforts and contributions, we have more power and control of our own lives.

This liberates us to pursue the path that is most meaningful and enjoyable to us.

• • • 

3. Joy

When we are successful in our work, we can refine our process to align more with our talents and preferences. 

We can upgrade our environment, our support system, our tools and our creative process. 

Receiving rewards for our creative output enables us to reinvest in our creativity in ways that increase our enjoyment of the process and our creative journey. 

• • • 

4. Impact

Commercial success for the work we love, the work we believe we are here to create, allows us to create even more of that vital work – and to reach more people of the people who can benefit from it.

• • • 

5. Sustainability

Both creativity and joy are compromised by money worries and a lack of purpose or meaning.

It may sound like heaven to simply create to our heart’s content but to be fully whole humans, we need to prosper and serve the world.

Success can sustain our joyful expression and purpose.

• • • 

6. Self-image

Experiencing success changes us.

We walk taller, we believe in ourselves more, we value ourselves more.

Enjoying successes uplevels our self-image – that powerful determinant of our behaviour and our results.

As you step into your vision of Your Creative Dharma in the months and years ahead, an ever-strengthening sense of self will be a powerful ally.

The confidence, clarity, increased peace of mind that are natural side-effects of successful work – these will support you in your evolution to the ultimate version of you.

Remember those Conditions To Thrive that we worked on?

Feelings of success and achievement are necessary for creating the self-image, belief and confidence that you can, and will, create the beautiful life that calls you.

• • • 

7. Inspiration

Success is inspiring!

When we regularly see and feel successful results from our efforts, it sparks a desire to create even more of our great work, and to aim for even higher levels of success.

This cycle of desire and achievement and increasing excellence is an innate human need.

The urge for improvement and increase is the force behind all of nature and the source of all evolution.

We are success-seeking beings.

Embracing this aspect of our nature helps us enjoy the inspiring effects – and benefits – of achieving our goals.

• • • 

“The way to do anything is already here.”


So, now that you know why success plays such a vital role in the dharma zone sweet-spot, let’s briefly explore some of the reasons why we might resist our own successes.

Doing this can help to clear the way for success to become a natural, inevitable and spontaneous side-effect of living Your Creative Dharma



Photo Credit : Balloon: Sutirta Budiman; Tiles: Zhen Hu; Sunset: Antonio Lainez