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Your Creative Dharma


“Do what’s easiest and fun first.

That’s where your energy is
and where your energy is
is where the resources are.”



Here’s a quick tip to help you bypass resistance on your way to success.


Along with the best questions we can ask, i.e. What’s working? and What’s working for my Best Self? – I have another tip for uplevelling the questions we ask ourselves on a daily, sometimes hourly basis;

Harness the power of the J word.

By now, I have hopefully convinced you of the creative power of joy, feeling good and positive frequencies and mindsets.

Now, we can take this a step further with the idea of infusing all your queries and quandaries with the essence of joy.

We’ve actually been doing this already;

In our work in expression, we asked; how can I joyfully express myself?

In our work on purpose, we asked; How can I joyfully serve?

In our work on success, we asked; How can I joyfully succeed?

And I highly recommend you adopt this habit of enquiry.

The addition of this one simple word can enable you to bypass so much subconscious resistance.

Because we are all seeking joy.

We all want to feel good.

It’s innate, it’s our natural human drive, the force that moves all of us to do the things we do.

But whenever we ask ourselves a question, or consider a new action or think about how to do or create something, our mind (that likes to keep things safe and predictable) instantly fears that the answer may include things that don’t feel good.

So, when you ponder; How can I succeed in business? How can I live my purpose? How can I create my great work?

Your dutiful mind will begin imagining potential scenarios – which is helpful.

What is less helpful is that the human mind has a tendency to imagine worst case scenarios. 

So, you’ll very likely begin to think about all the unpleasant or undesirable things that may be involved in pursuing your goal.

Either consciously or unconsciously, these fears and worries, these potentials for feeling bad, will stop you from powerfully moving forward or taking the actions you think will benefit you.

Trying to train the mind to not do this may be one approach, but it would certainly take an enormous amount of mental discipline, practice and time. In fact, after millennia of evolution, training the mind to not be on the lookout for potential danger may not even be possible.

However, with the addition of one simple word, we can bypass the circuit of our Inner Danger Scanner.

For example, asking How can I make money from my art? may trigger all kinds of fears about having to do things that would compromise your values or integrity or happiness.

Your mind gets busy imagining all the unpleasant tasks that might be involved in that venture, and flags up all the good reasons why you should probably not even try.

But with a simple reframe: How can I JOYFULLY make money from my art?  – your mind is then given the task of looking for feel-good strategies, fun tactics and enjoyable possibilities.

You’re focusing on increasing joy, so there’s less need for your ego mind to worry about getting upset.

And as your mind always responds to the questions you give it, it will begin seeking – and keep seeking, even more joyful ways to achieve your goal!

This is the double dose of benefits of combining the right questions with the power of joy. 

“Joy is the natural expression of life

and the creative energy of the universe. ”



So, I invite you to adopt this happy qualifier when you pose questions to yourself.

How can I joyfully reach more of my audience?

How can I joyfully increase my productivity?

How can I joyfully raise my prices?

How can I joyfully outline my book?

How can I joyfully win prestigious awards?

How can I joyfully meet more like-minded creatives?

You can even adopt it for general use in all aspects of life:

How can I joyfully have more free time?

How can I joyfully create a beautiful, nurturing home?

How can I joyfully provide for my family?

How can I joyfully clear my To Do list?

How can I joyfully get fit and healthy?

Feel free to use with abandon!

Eventually, it will become second nature and you will not only condition your mind to respond to your questions with less resistance and fear – you’ll also be training your mind to always seek the most joyful route.

And that way, health, wealth and happiness lies…

“Joy attracts joy. ”



Here endeth the lessons for Week 4!

This week’s work is the heart of this material, so I hope you’re finding these exercises helpful in crafting and ever-clearer vision of Your Creative Dharma.

Please do keep adding to your work from this week over the next few days.

There will be a little breathing space in the material, so you can integrate and explore the work you’ve begun.

And I’ll be back in a few days with our final focus for this journey…



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Photo Credit : Paper boat: Alex; Bubbles: Alejandro Alvarez