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Your Creative Dharma


“The miracles of progress
are usually invisible.


How will you know when you are ‘in dharma’? 

How will recognise Your Creative Dharma vision
as it begins to appear in your life? 


In Week 2 of this journey, when we explored ways of Getting Your Mind On Board, one of the techniques was mastering the fine art of Glimmer Spotting. 

Do you remember? 

Have you been practicing?!

Here’s a quick refresher:

Glimmer Spotting is simply the intention to be alert, on the look-out, open and receptive to any new evidence that your belief system has shifted.

These are the subtle Glimmers of Success that reveal, this IS working!

I remind you of this practice at this stage in the process because these Glimmers of Success are not only an encouraging delight, not only do they boost your faith in the process – they will help you to notice and recognise when all your efforts begin to pay off.

Because what would be the point of striving to create a marvellous vision of creative joy, purpose, excellence and success if we never noticed it?!

So, this is a vital aspect of this journey:

Intending and practising a new alertness to the arrival of your hopes and dreams.

But what do you expect will be the first signs that you are making progress?

What do you imagine will be the first shoots of success?

What evidence will alert you to the awareness that you are aligning with Your Creative Dharma? 

Perhaps you have already begun noticing some subtle shifts in both your inner world and your outer experience – new developments, habits or opportunities that feel on purpose and on track with your plans and dreams. 

I hope so! 

But to help you further hone your Glimmer Spotting senses, I’d like to explore some of the ways you can identify any signs of progress with this work. 

I believe we will recognise the arrival of our vision, we will feel that we are aligned with our dharma and sweet spot by the increasing evidence of certain aspects of living and working – new qualities of being that feel more joyful, empowering or soothing to the soul. 

So to help you stay alert to these glimmers of success, here are some of the aspects of being in dharma that will help you recognise your new uplevelled life and work experience as it evolves over the coming months and years.  

Be on the lookout for higher levels or more occasions of:

• Things being easy

• Joyful expression

• Feeling ‘in the zone’

• The flow state

• Helpful flashes of inspiration

• More of your efforts turning out well

• Feeling magnetic to success

• Serendipity & happy coincidences

• A stronger faith

• More calmfidence

• Falling in love with your work

• A new striving for excellence

• Lucky outcomes and good fortune

• Career opportunities falling in your lap

• A blossoming belief in the supportive nature of life

• Increased credibility, authority, esteem and reach in your work

And if you discover any not on this list – please let me know!

As we explored in Week 2, the more you look for these, the more you will find them.

All you need to do is intend to notice.

And getting into the habit of spotting these subtle glimmers of success will boost your faith, your confidence and your expectations for even more powerful results.


“Planning for success will

make you even more creative.



Beyond just accidentally noticing the above aspects of being on track, you can supercharge your Glimmer Spotting Radar by harnessing the mighty power of intention, along with anchoring any successes more deeply into your experience and your self-image.

If you’d like to see more evidence of your efforts more quickly, here are some tips for accelerating the process:

1. Set the intention to notice.

2. Celebrate even the smallest glimmers of success.

3. Acknowledge your role in the process.

4. Affirm that you welcome even more evidence of alignment.

Feel free to create your own empowering and perfect-for-you affirmations to support this work, but if you’d like some suggestions to begin with, here are a couple of New Lines to help you get your mind on board with your glimmer-spotting intentions:

Thank you for helping me notice and appreciate
my blossoming career miracles.

Thank you for helping me see,
feel and enjoy increasing creative success.

There you have it! 

You are now fully primed, prepared and ready to continue in this exciting new phase of Your Creative Dharma. 

I hope you feel inspired and ready to bring your beautiful vision to life – in ways that delight and excite you. 

I’ll be rooting for you! 

And I’ll also be back in touch in a little while with a final little something for you…

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