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Getting Your mind on board:


Your Creative Dharma


These techniques and mindset tools are simple and powerful.

But this is deep work – and not always easy! 

So, here are some tips and observations that I’ve found helpful in this process of Getting Your Mind On Board.  



Cultivating patience will make this process much easier. 

After all, you have built up your current belief system over your entire lifetime. 

So, it may take a little time to shift some deeply entrenched ideas. 

Take heart that it will get easier. 

As you gain momentum and increased faith in the process, you’ll find that you respond to new ideas much more readily. 

• • • 


Once you begin to see The Glimmers of Success, you’re likely to relax and trust the process.

However, you may spiral back and forth between your new beliefs and your old beliefs before the new ones become fully integrated.

This is normal!

Again, this work takes time and doesn’t happen overnight (except in the case of epiphanies and quantum leaps…)

• • • 


There comes a point in this process where you develop a strong belief in the power of Getting Your Mind On Board.

This is a happy tipping point when a lovely upward spiral of momentum kicks in.

Belief begets belief.

Faith builds faith.

You expect to see more evidence of success and your faith is rewarded.

This cycle serves to reinforce your faith in faith and your belief in belief.

And everything gets easier…

It can be helpful (and encouraging) to be on the look-out for this Tipping Point.

Your expectancy will help you to harness the magic of the upward spiral much sooner.

• • • 


There are 4 Golden Rules or 4 basic elements to include when crafting your New Lines and choosing your techniques.

1 Affirm what you want to believe – both out loud and in your mind.

Ensure these affirmations aren’t too unbelievable, but that they are an upgrade from your current beliefs.

2 Feel good about what you’re saying.

We’ll explore more about your energetic frequency and its attractive powers next week, but as you begin playing with these new beliefs, designing your mantras and affirmations – aim to craft ones that make you smile.

Work with the ideas or lines that excite you with possibility and an element of enthusiasm.

3 Trust repetition.

Repetition alone can work wonders.

4 Look out for The Glimmers

Develop the mental habit and expectation of finding evidence of your success.

• • • 


Belief work is essentially energy work and there are certain energy-work modalities that can support the process:



As mentioned before, EFT or Tapping, can help in clearing subconscious blocks or resistance.

It’s simple to learn and surprisingly effective.

And it’s free!

I highly recommend exploring it. (I use it daily.)

Tapping during affirmations helps you to neutralise any negative voices that might be interfering with your shiny new mindset upgrades.



Muscle-testing is another technique that tunes into our energy fields and can be very useful in revealing what we really believe.

Sometimes our conscious mind has no clue what our subconscious programming is up to!

And our physical bodies can very helpfully shed some light on what’s going on below the surface.

For more on the fascinating applications of kinesiology or muscle-testing, I recommend  Power Vs Force by David R Hawkins. 



Theta healing is a fast-acting and effective way to clear subconscious blocks. 

I wrote about its magical effects on my own life in this blog post. (Also includes recommended resources.) 




One of the energy experts I’ve worked with recommends the Flower Remedies developed by the homeopath Dr Bach when doing deep energy work. 

I find they can help to calm spinning minds and soothe turbulent emotions. 

• • • 

And finally…


Mindset work is quite simple – it’s basically just intention and awareness. 

And if it weren’t for the existence of human emotions, this process would be straightforward and trouble-free.

But we are humans.

We’re not machines.

We are all prone to some degree of disappointment, frustration, doubt and fear – however much we try to avoid or reduce those aspects of our nature.

So, there may be days when you don’t want to do this work.

You might grow impatient with results, or doubt the effectiveness of your efforts, or wonder if your beautiful vision really is possible – for you.

These are not signs that this isn’t working. 

These are signs that you need to take a break.

Knowing this, in advance, can help you recognise when you need to rest or regroup.

Pushing and forcing results can be exhausting.

It can also be counter-productive.

So, aim to keep this process light and as playful as possible – but don’t worry if you have off days.

You’ll be back on track when you’ve recovered your balance.

And you can’t fail unless you give up.

But if you’re so committed to Your Creative Dharma that you’re showing up to this process, you have what it takes to persevere.

And being kind to yourself along the way can only support your results and your enjoyment of the journey.

This programme is about the joyful pursuit of a powerful vision of creative living – the experience of life en route is just as valid and vital as the end goal itself.

So, relax, be kind to yourself, and always, always always, have as much fun as possible. 🙂

And now… Homework Time!

Today’s homework is really just to develop your work from the New Lines exercise by experimenting with these new techniques, tips and tools.

Just ensure you include the 4 Golden Rules – other than that, do whatever feels fun, exciting or intriguing.

Over to you!

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