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Your Creative Dharma


“Feel the joy of the answered prayer.”




This is a visualisation exercise to help you experiment with the cocreative power of joy in your own life.

(With thanks to Dr Joseph Murphy whose work inspired my own studies into the power of joy and experiments like this one.)

As a bonus side-effect, it will also help you to be more receptive and open to what you want.

(Sometimes we resist the very things we say we want.)


• • • 


1. Think of something you want

Choose a goal or desire that is important to you, but not one that has any angst or urgency, frustration or desperation around it.

For example, a little more time in your schedule, a relaxed pace, more creative energy, an idea or breakthrough for a particular project.


2. Why & What

Remember the WHY. WHAT NOW exercise from Week 1?

Let’s use that technique again;

Why do you want this?

What is the essence of this desire?


3. Let’s pretend

Pretend or imagine that you have that now:

How do you feel?

What do you think?

What do you love about it?

What do you want next?


4. Feel the joy

Allow yourself to feel the joy, as if you were experiencing your achievement in the present moment.

We don’t need to wait until our visions appear in our lives before we can enjoy them!

We can enjoy the idea of them anytime.

As we imagine the good feelings we expect, we get to feel good right now.

This is the joy of anticipation.

So, enjoy it!

Feel the joy of your answered prayer, even before you see it.

(For bonus points: Practice feeling thankful for the arrival of your desire, even before you receive it.)


5. Replace the goal

Replace your main goal with the thoughts and feelings from Steps 3 and 4.

These are the true goals, the desires behind the desires – the original goal is often just a vehicle to these feelings.


6. Practice the joy – often

Practice these feelings – as often as possible, as soon as possible, in as many ways as possible, in any tiny degree possible.

Look for ways that you’re able to feel the presence of these joyful feelings now, even if only in small ways.

Or look for ways that some of these feelings could easily be made true in your life as it is today.


7. Expect results

As you get used to the feelings of joy that your goal will bring, see if you can develop a sense of expectation. 

Be alert to any evidence of its arrival. 

Be open to solutions, ideas, people, opportunities and events working in your favour to bring your goal to you, or at least to make it easier, clear or inevitable.  


8. Monitor the effects of joy

Now that you are actively increasing and harnessing Joy Power in your life, be on the look out for any evidence of its success-magnet qualities.

See if you notice life becoming smoother or drama-free.

Do things start working out well?

Do you find that you are becoming luckier?

Do you feel a new confidence in positive outcomes?

Do clients, customers, opportunities and good fortune seem to find you – the more you practice this exercise or prioritise joy in your creative life?

Add a joyful twist to our favourite question and keep asking; 

How is joy working – for me?

Or even more powerfully: 

Why is my joy so magnetic to success now?!


• • •


This exercise has a number of positive benefits:



This exercise will help you practice the way you want to feel when you achieve your goals, which can inspire you to take new actions towards them.


This mental rehearsal is a powerful visualisation that recalibrates your mind to accept these future goals as a current reality, which can have powerful ripple effects on your self-image and self-esteem.



You get to enjoy your future achievements now!

These feelings are real and they are available any time, anywhere.

Even before your goals and visions manifest in the ‘real world’, you get to experience the joy and delight of those achievements right now.

(You may even find that you’ve enjoyed them so much already, you no longer crave them so intensely – which is often when they show up, all by themselves… )



As you begin to notice that your increased joy is also a catalyst to experiencing the goals in your outer world, you will become convinced that joy really does have success-magnet powers

This will enable you to prioritise and trust joy more confidently in your creative work.

And that way, dharma lies…

“Begin to live as though

your prayers are already answered.”


That’s all for today!

Feel free to work through this exercise with as many of your goals and desires that you like.

I think you’ll uncover some interesting insights, as well as a new-found respect and admiration for the power of joy. 

And I’ll be back in a couple of days with some more of our magical ingredients for powering and enjoying this journey.

Got questions or feedback?

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Photo Credit : Annie Spratt