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Designing your creative dharma

Your Creative Dharma


Being able to imagine something new
is a kind of miracle.


This is a visualisation exercise, to help you both discover and harness the creative power of imagination.

We’re going to zoom in from the vastness of our universal nature and focus on the details of Your Creative Dharma.

It’s time to imagine what living your uniquely perfect creative purpose and expression looks like – for you. 

“Everyone is a designer.”


Picture the scene…

You have arrived.

You have succeeded in creating your Dream Career.

Your beloved creative work is recognised and valued in the world.

You are a success on every level.

All your financial needs are easily met.

You feel confident.

You know your place in the world.

You know what you are here to do – and you’re doing it.

And it is a spirit-expressing, soul-satisfying and bank-account-filling success.



What are you doing?

What details can you see or imagine?

What aspects do you love about being here?

Who are you with?

What do you love the most about your life?

What are you grateful for?

What does your Dream Career look like?


If you don’t know the details, make them up, pretend you do know, or just choose what feels fun!

If you were the best in the world at what you do…

If you knew it would be successful…

If you believed you were magnetic to success…

If you were fearless…

If you knew success was guaranteed…

If you knew you were expressing your most valuable gifts

…what would you be doing?


Design your impact and influence: 

How is your work helping the world? 

Why do people love and appreciate you? 

What aspects of your work are making a real difference? 

How do your gifts uplift your fellow humans?


Design your schedule:

How many hours a day are you working?

Full time? Part time?

What time do you wake up?

How many days a week do you work?

Do you have a number of career ventures?


Design your prosperity: 

How much money do you make?

Do you have passive income streams?

What kind of clients do you work with?

What do you charge?

Why do you love and attract money now?

Why do you feel you deserve your income?

Why do you enjoy commerce and the business aspects of creativity now?


Design your success:

How do people find you?

What miracles and breakthroughs and lucky breaks happen to you?

How does word-of-mouth spread about your work?

Are you featured in the media?

Mentioned by a powerful celebrity?

What has given you such credibility, authority, esteem?

Why are you now living in this happy zone of creative joy, fulfilling work and automagic good fortune?!


• • •


In your notebook or journal, use the questions above to jot down any visions, dreams, hopes, goals, wishes, desires and fantasies you have about the ultimate way to earn a living, do your work and contribute to humanity.

Let your imagination run wild – there are no limits!

There’s only one rule:

Each detail must delight you.

Also, aim to explore the feelings behind the details as much as possible.

And feel free to bring this vision to life using your unique creative skills and talents.

Spend some time on expressing what you really, truly would love.

This could be the most powerful creative project of your career.

But unlike most design briefs, this one has a limitless budget and access to infinite resources.



“Your accuracy is greatly improved

by knowing what it is that you’re shooting at.”


• • • 


To really anchor in the possibilities of living this career dream, research people who are doing what you want to do and making a great living doing it.

Refine your list to include only people who are living the way you want to live, who share your values.

Eg, if fun is important to you, be on the lookout for people who are doing what you want to do and having so much fun.

Or expressing freedom, wealth, beauty etc…

Whatever the ingredients of Your Creative Dharma – look for people who are living that reality now.

Just like your favourite colour in the Prep Work mind game – the more you look for these people, the more you’ll begin to notice them everywhere.

You could even change your mantra to:

I love seeing inspiring role models!

I love discovering new role models who expand my faith in what’s possible for me!

Seek and you will find.

And the more you see other people living the career you dream of, the more you will accept it as a possibility.

And that way magic lies…

That’s all for this week!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your introduction to this powerful 1st Principle – it truly changed my life and I hope it will be even more beneficial for you. 

Keep an eye on your inbox for news of next week’s material when we’ll be exploring The 2nd Principle of Your Creative Dharma.

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Photo Credit : Alistair McRobert