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Core belief #3 :


Your Creative Dharma


“Success is a result of helping people

and helping people is good.”


Introducing… Sacred Commerce

How do you feel about success, wealth, money, commerce?

How do you feel about…selling your work?!

These topics can be very triggering for almost all of us.

And creatives, in particular, are renowned for begrudging the commercial aspect when it comes to their art.

But to fully open and allow the success we need to live our Creative Dharma, I believe the third Core Belief we must have in place is that ethical success is a good and worthy goal.

Because our pursuit of success not only benefits us – it can support and enhance our work, our loved ones, our communities, our contribution and our world.

“You can render to God and humanity

no better service

than to make the most of yourself.”


Business & Purpose


As creatives wishing to prosper and thrive, we need to sell our work. 

But instead of fighting this truth, we can put a more positive spin on it.

I know some entrepreneurs who view business as a vehicle for changing the world for the better, and others who business as a spiritual practice.

As a heart-centred, purpose-driven creative, your work can uplift and inspire your customers.

You can do much good with your business.

If you have wrestled with this idea in the past, I offer you my formula for making peace with business, sales and promotion: 

Marketing = reaching people’s hearts.

Sales = touching people’s lives.

Business = changing the world.

But not only can our business serve the world – our prosperity can have beneficial ripple effects. 

When we are successful, when we are living well, our needs met, feeling satisfied and fulfilled and delighted with our achievements – we are nicer humans.

Not only do we have more time, energy and money to give (benefits not to be underestimated) – but we are more inclined to give them!

We are spontaneously generous, kind, compassionate, loving and forgiving.

When we are loving our lives, we have a natural, powerful urge to pay it forward, to spread the good fortune and to share our joy with others. 

Our success, our mastery of living well, serves our fellow humans. 

And so for this final part of this week’s work, I invite you to open to a positive approach to sales, business, success, commerce and wealth.

I know this isn’t easy, there are many cliches, stereotypes and entrenched ideas that wealth is selfish, greedy and unfair.

And there are certainly issues to still be resolved.

But for our work here, to fully embrace Your Creative Dharma and pursue it without resistance and self-sabotage, it’s essential to develop a more inclusive approach to success.

We’ll be doing some more specific work on being receptive to success next week.

But for today, I invite you to (briefly) consider how you feel about this topic and any ways it may have kept you from success in the past.

If you’d like to dig deeper into this topic, I recommend taking a look at the books in the Recommended Reading.

The Diamond Cutter especially can transform your awareness of spiritually-aligned success. It’s one of the most profound spiritual business books I’ve ever read. 

Or if you’d prefer a quick dip into this mindset, I recently read The Good Millionaire by T Harv Eker. It’s a fast and easy read that will leave you in no doubt that your success can be a blessing to the world. 

And finally, I have a suggested affirmation for you to experiment with.

As always, tweak until it feels good to you and then keep an eye open for any new evidence that will support this empowering core belief.  

I like finding evidence that success is good.

I like believing that my success uplifts the world. 

All for now! 

Well done for all your hard work this week. 

It has been quite a deep exploration but I know it will make for a stronger foundation in the weeks ahead. 

Keep up your New Lines and your new awareness of your thoughts and their effects. 

Keep tracking and refining this mindset work and learning what works for you

And I’ll be back in a few days with your Week 3 material. 

(I think you’ll enjoy what’s coming up…!) 

Got questions or feedback?

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