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Core belief #2 :


Your Creative Dharma


“The most important decision we make

is whether we believe we live

in a friendly or hostile universe.”


Life wants you to win.  


Do you believe that life loves you?

That life is for you rather than against you?

That life wants you to win?

It’s not always easy to trust completely that everything is aligning in your favour – especially when you see evidence to the contrary.

But now that you know how your beliefs shape and affect what you see (and look for), can you imagine how your life would be if you were utterly convinced that life loves you?

You would have more faith in your success, your security, your future blessings.

This mindset would impact your behaviour, giving you more confidence to go for your dreams and desires, fully expecting to create and enjoy them, fully believing that you deserve to win.

Can you imagine how you would approach life differently if this belief was automatic and totally integrated into your world view?

Albert Einstein was so convinced of the powerful effects of this belief that he claimed it was the most important decision we could ever make!

And it can be a decision.

However strongly you agree with this idea right now, it is possible to make the decision to believe our universe is friendly, that life wants us to thrive and succeed and enjoy our time on this planet.

I believe this intention is a creative power.

There is a force behind this belief.

There is power in believing life is for you.

And it’s a power that can help us craft the lives we want to live, the careers we want to create and the difference we want to make in the world.

Which is why this idea is one of the vital Core Beliefs of Your Creative Dharma.

You now know that you can direct your belief system and you’re discovering your favourite ways to do that.

So, now all you need to do to harness the power of this idea is to decide:

Do you want to believe that life loves you?

Feel free to take a moment to consider – it’s a big question!


“You can be sure that when the season is right,

your desires will manifest.”


But is it true?!


If you’ve ever experienced any setbacks, heartaches, disappointments, fears or frustrations, you might be inclined to wonder whether this idea is really true.

It is a fact?

Is it provable?

How can we know for sure if it’s true?

I believe that discovering the answers to these questions is part of our human journey.

They explore the great mysteries of our existence – ideas that have fascinated and challenged the greatest minds the world has ever known.

And we still have questions!

But for our work here, we don’t need to know all the answers to the mysteries and meaning of life.

We just need to choose for ourselves which approach to life will support us in creating our vision.

I believe – and have experienced in my own life – that our ‘reality’ is different, depending on which approach we choose.

Life just seems to work better when you expect it to!

Life is surprisingly accommodating and supportive when you believe it’s on your side.

And since we tend to find what we look for, when you look for evidence that life loves you – you will find it.

This reinforces your faith in this idea and you gain momentum on that upward spiral of good fortune, success and life going your way more of the time.

This habit of winning is a powerful asset when attempting to create something uncommon and amazing, eg Your Dream Career!

So, I hope you will be open to this mindset – that there are mighty and benevolent forces at work in your life and that you can attune to them in ways that will support your dreams and goals.

As a bonus incentive, embracing this idea will also lead to a happier, calmer and more effortless life experience.

It’s a nice way to live. 🙂 

And so now that we know the power, benefits and importance of this second core belief – how do we get our minds on board…?


Your Spiritual Support System


In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra says that a belief in our divine nature is a prerequisite for living in dharma.

He also claims that one way to truly know our divinity is through a regular spiritual practice.

In Your Creative Dharma, we embrace this idea of colloborating with the powers and forces at play in our lives, and so exploring our divine nature will certainly help us in our efforts.

And if you’d like to learn more about this idea of humans being aspects of the divine, I highly recommend anything by Deepak Chopra or Thomas Troward.

But this work is not designed to be a study in theology.

For our purposes, we just need to become more aware of how these forces, powers, ideas and beliefs are playing out in our own lives – and how we can work with them to create the life and career vision we have designed.

We’re simply looking for the real-life evidence and effects on a personal level, so that we can get better at partnering with them to cocreate our plans and goals. 

So, for today’s homework, can you give some thought to how you can introduce, develop or improve your spiritual practice? 

Whatever that means to you. 

It may be a traditional faith-based practice or prayer and devotion. 

Or it may be a more personal and direct connection to the divine, source, spirit or whatever label you use for the spiritual power that guides and supports you. 

Or you may prefer a practice that attunes and aligns you with your inner world, your Higher Self or your soul. 

All of us believe in something bigger than ourselves – even if it’s simply the force that keeps our heart beating and the sun rising. 

So, whatever form of spiritual support you feel connected to – can you think of ways to deepen and enhance this connection? 

Can you develop a regular practice where you devote some quality time and attention to this relationship? 

It may involve meditation, prayer, quiet, time in nature or spiritual study. 

Or you may find this connection through journalling, singing, exercise, breathwork or caring for others. 

And of course, creative expression is also a spiritual experience that can help you tune into your inner world and the source of inspiration. 

Whatever calls you when you tune in to listen – can you spend more of your time connecting to that? 

Can you give some thought to how you can experience more of that spiritual attunement on a daily basis? 

And don’t forget you can use your ever-willing mind to help you! 

Here is an affirmation that will kick-start the solution-seeking mechanism of your mind:


How can I develop a life-affirming connection

with my spiritual support system? 

Over to you!

Take some time to muse over these ideas if they’re new to you or you find yourself resisting them.

Perhaps you could revisit your work from Week 1 where you designed Your Creative Dharma – look for ways that a belief that Life Loves You can help to support your vision.

And then be open for ideas, nudges, inspiration and miracles that will help you embrace this belief.

And I’ll be back tomorrow with the third and final installment of our Core Beliefs.

Keep up the good work!


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Photo Credit : Suttipong Surak