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Your Creative Dharma


“When you are clear,

your life will take off.”


We will soon be creating a vision of Your Joyful Success – On Your Terms. 

This process can be a powerful catalyst for both action and confidence on the path to Your Creative Dharma. 

But before we go full-steam-ahead in that direction, it will serve us to clear the way of any common obstacles that might trip us up, or even halt our progress altogether. 


We all want to be successful.

To whatever degree we prioritise conventional success, few of us would claim that we’re in the pursuit of failure.

And so we are all keen to succeed in some way, even if it’s only in being creative, healthy, happy or fulfilled.

So, if we’re all keen to succeed, and we all have innate gifts and talents – why aren’t we all achieving all our goals and living our dreams?

The common response is that ‘reality’ is preventing us in some way – people, circumstances, environments, timing, conditions etc… are controlling our results. 

And reality can be very convincing! 

But by now, I hope you’re opening up to the idea that we have more control and influence on the external aspects of life that we may have thought in the past. 

And if we believe we have powerful capabilities to shape and create our lives, then there’s less need to pin our hopes on others or blame external conditions for our lack of success.

We can instead begin to wonder if there might be something within us that prevents us from either pursuing our success or receiving the rewards.

It’s far more empowering to question what we can do about our own success, to consider what is within our power.

And if we’re honest, most of us would admit that there may be ways we hold back, resist, block or even sabotage our success. 

Because somewhere, most likely deep within our psyche, we have strong and compelling reasons to not take the actions we need to take or to allow our rewards to reach us.

As strange as it may seem, as much as we consciously wish for success, if we are avoiding or blocking it, we have reasons for that behaviour that make sense to us on some level – usually an unconscious level. 

Not only do they make sense, but in some way, they seem more appealing, comfortable or safe to us than the success we say we want. 

These are inner blocks, stories we tell ourselves about why we couldn’t or shouldn’t be successful.

These issues are often deeply rooted in our subconscious, possibly stemming from childhood experiences or social conditioning, or they may even be hereditary.

As such, a thorough exploration of the causes is beyond the scope of this course.

So, if you feel this area may be blocking you from living the success you have been designing, I highly recommend seeking specialised support to tackle this topic.

If you’d like to know more about my preferred methods, I’ve created a list of Recommended Resources here.

However, it’s not always necessary to dive deeply into our lifelong beliefs in order to spark new insights and a new pattern of thinking.

Sometimes all we need is an awareness of how we may have been denying or pushing away success in the past, and an intention to do things differently in the future.

Or it could simply be that we have never had success modelled to us, or learned how to  ‘think successfully’, ie the mindset that invites and directs the natural success of our efforts.

So, to help you begin clearing the path to the success that will so powerfully support Your Creative Dharma and the life you dream of, here are some mindset tools that can pave the way more successful results – and fast.



There’s more to success than just money, but if you’re holding yourself back from pursuing your highest vision, it may be because of beliefs you hold around abundance, wealth or finances.

The good news is that these blocks can be reduced or even eliminated completely – leaving you free to pursue Your Creative Dharma and enjoy that spontaneous flow of wealth.

How does that sound to you?

Delightful? Exciting? Thrilling?

Or does it spark some uncomfortable feelings or doubts?

If you have any reservations at all about making lots of money from your joyful creative work, then you would certainly benefit from exploring the topic of Wealth Consciousness, also called Prosperity Consciousness or Money Mindset.

And know that you are in good company.

It’s extremely common to have hidden beliefs around money and finances.

What’s less common is the determination to take the necessary steps to uncover or clear these hidden beliefs that may be controlling your results, your joy and your quality of life.

But as we know, Your Creative Dharma includes success, therefore, to live fully in our dharma zone sweet-spot, we must be open to success.

For this, we need a healthy wealth consciousness, an openness and receptivity to success, wealth, and abundance.

And you’ll be pleased to know that we have already begun this work.

In Getting Your Mind On Board, you began the process of aligning your subconscious mind and your belief system with your vision of success.

But like all mindset work, it’s not a one-off task.

Evolving and developing to new heights of success and achievement may trigger old ideas or beliefs that prevent us from moving forward.

The material in this course is designed to help you adapt and adjust your inner drives and forces to support your goals, so you’re already well-placed to notice unhelpful patterns as you go along.

You also have a wealth of tools for replacing any out-dated or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

However, if you feel that you have particularly strong blocks around making money from your creative gifts, or receiving payment for your purpose, again it might be worth investigating some targeted ‘money block’ tools.

Dealing with issues that control us below the level of our awareness can take deep work, consistently over time, to truly release us from the control of these hidden forces.

Which is why I recommend a deeper study and more specialised support if you sense this would be relevant for you – delving into the various kinds of money blocks and instilling a bulletproof wealth consciousness would quadruple the length of this course!

But all you need to continue with this material is a sense of whether this could be a stumbling block for you, and if you’d benefit from a deeper exploration.

And unless you 1000% agree with the following quote, then Wealth Consciousness homework is for you!  

You can provide no better service to God and humanity
than to make the most of yourself.

Get rich.


Regardless of whether you require deeper Wealth Consciousness work, the following ideas may help you enjoy a more harmonious relationship with affluence, and success. 

Money & Purpose

One approach that I have found helpful is to examine the positive benefits of being financially successful.

For those of us called by purpose and contribution, it can be helpful to recognise the link between purpose and money. 

For example, stress has been shown to inhibit creativity.

So it can be hard, even impossible to be our best creative if we are stressed about money, or struggling to make ends meet.

You are less able to devote your time, resources and energy to your Great Work if you are forced to do work that’s not aligned with your Zone of Brilliance, out of desperation for income.

In short; money can powerfully support your purpose and your dharma.

So, making peace with making money will open you up to receiving more of it into your life, and allowing it to support your purpose, path and evolution.


Another powerful way to support a beneficial Wealth Consciousness is to increase your self-image. 

We’ve explored how your sense of self, your self-esteem, confidence etc… can play a part in your actions, but they can also affect what you believe you deserve. 

If you have any lingering doubts that you deserve success and rewards for your work, you will subconsciously block those from reaching you. 

So taking a look at your beliefs about what you deserve can be one way to clear any success blocks. 

It may help you to go back to the questionnaire at the beginning of the course to see what your response was to Question 5.

You may also be pleased to know that in our work up to now, we have included new ideas about deservingness, so you might find that your beliefs around what you deserve have already shifted. 

If you feel this is still an area that could use some attention, review the work you did in Week 2 and see if you can craft some New Lines that will instill a powerful new sense of deserving. 

For example;

I deserve to live my Creative Dharma.

I deserve to be paid well for my joyful creative work. 

I deserve to enjoy a rich and happy life. 

I deserve to be financially independent. 

I like the idea of deserving abundance. 

Thank you for helping me believe I deserve my vision of Joyful Success. 

Or you may prefer this affirmation from one of my favourite Money Blocks experts;


“I serve,

I deserve.”




Our openness to wealth, success, income and money can be influenced by our energy levels. 

When we are healthy, happy, fulfilled, creatively expressed and joyful – we are naturally more open to receiving life’s blessings. 

Positive energies allow us to be more receptive to the good we deserve. 

You may have noticed this yourself if you’ve ever had a really great day and things just seemed to ‘mysteriously’ work in your favour. 

So one simple way to be more available to wealth and success is to aim to feel as good as possible more of the time – not exactly the worst kind of homework! 

And again, we have already begun this work in our study of the power of joy and other aspects of high-frequency living. 

One of the joys of Your Creative Dharma is that the more you enjoy life, the more it seems to respond positively towards you – which means you enjoy it even more! 

It’s that happy upward spiral of success and happiness again, and simply knowing about this pattern of positivity can help you to harness its power. 

Enjoying life more is one simple but powerful way to open up to more success and prosperity. 

It’s also an excellent way of enjoying life more! 

It’s a win-win, and one that I highly recommend as a strategy for a happier relationship with life’s blessings. 

It’s also a great way to practice and align – in advance –  with the energies you will be enjoying as you increasingly find and live Your Creative Dharma. 

This is ‘feeling the joy of the answered prayer’ – and it can work like absolute magic. 

I hope you’ll try it and see for yourself. 

“There is no way to happiness,

happiness is the way.”



To continue the double-whammy of goodness of the  joy / success partnership, it’s time for today’s exercise and for you to craft a clear and exciting picture of what that looks like for you…

Got questions or feedback?

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