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Your Creative Dharma


“Sometimes, taking some time to size things up

is the most important thing you can do.”


Before we finish this week’s focus and dive into the fourth and final principle of Your Creative Dharma, let’s take a moment to review, assess and realign with the blueprint for your vision. 

Remember how you designed Your Creative Dharma way back in Week 1?

Well, we’ve covered a lot since then, so like good designers, we’re going to check back in with the blueprint to ensure we’re still on track.

This will also help us assess any progress.

Because you may already have noticed some glimmers of new beliefs blossoming, or the falling away of old fears and doubts.

You have certainly acquired some new tools and techniques for being more intentional and empowered in your creative life and beyond.

And we will soon be diving into the last principle of Your Creative Dharma, where we begin to put all the pieces together in outlining how all this can support you in discovering and creating that magical sweet-spot or expression, purpose, success and joy.

So now is a good time to revisit your design notes and, if necessary, refresh Your Creative Dharma blueprint.

Let’s take a moment to check in and recalibrate, to review your notes from the exercise you did in Week 1 and see if anything feels like it needs tweaking or upgrading.

Alternatively, you could do the entire exercise again, creating fresh design notes and intentions from this newer version of you.

You may even like to compare the new version with the old one and play Spot The Difference – it can be a fun way to see just how much you’ve progressed already.

This work is powerful but the changes can be very subtle.

So, regular reviewing and assessing can be encouraging, helping you see progress you may not otherwise have noticed.

Doing this not only gives you a boost and inspires you to keep going, it will also strengthen your faith in the process.

When you look back and begin to see the results and ripple effects of this work, you’ll be able to trust this process more and relax into the journey – and this increased faith and confidence will fuel you ever further along the upward spiral to success. 


“Regularly taking time out helps us to recalibrate

our direction and true purpose,

enabling us to stay in touch with what we want

and are hoping to create.”



Your last task for this week is to revisit the Designing Your Creative Dharma exercise in whichever way you feel inspired to approach it – a simple reread, some tweaks or updates or a completely new version of the exercise.

You may also like to make some notes in your journal or notebook any insights you discover from looking back even just a few weeks.

That’s all for this week! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration into this idea of Not Just What But How. 

It will serve you well as we continue our journey next week and discover The Fourth Principle of Your Creative Dharma. 

And if you’d like to revisit the material from this week, all the links are provided for you here. 

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Photo Credit : Sameul Zeller