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Your Creative Dharma


Now that you’re more familiar with your superpowers and hopefully more confident in up-levelling, upgrading, and seeing the value in doing things in ways that support your best self,
– I have a Graduate Level exercise for you…





This is a little like the work we did in Designing Your Creative Dharma, but with a new empowered twist.

By now, you’re hopefully used to asking yourself questions like;

What’s working?

What’s working for me?

What’s working for my Best Self?

Well, now we’re going to add a visionary upgrade to the mix.

As you’re assessing your results, whilst still maintaining a positive focus, give some thought to this version of our favourite question:

What would I like to be working?

This is the level of enquiry of an empowered cocreator.

This version assumes that you have some control or influence in the results you’d like to see and the ways you’d love to see them playing out.

And it’s a powerful assumption – one that your subconscious mind, with all its success-seeking powers – can’t fail to respond to.

This question will trigger your imagination to consider successful results that are even more aligned with your preferences and priorities.

You’ll go beyond your current successes and envision new refinements that are more supportive of your Best Self.

The more confident you become in your abilities to create conditions that support you, or even just for the joy of it, the more you’ll naturally intend to craft and shape your work and life to suit your needs more perfectly.

When you have a sense that you can be, do and have the results you’re seeking – on your terms – you will naturally aim for that level of success.

(Why would you settle for less?!)

It’s like a perk of your newfound power.

As you gain faith in your ability to create or shape your results, you naturally begin to get more choosy with your intentions.

Your questions will evolve in empowered new directions, such as;

Of all the actions that I’m taking, which are my favourites?

Which efforts would I particularly love to see going well?

What routes would I most enjoy success with?

What would be the most enjoyable path to my goal? 

These questions are like an advanced level refinement of Your Creative Dharma Blueprint, and they will emerge naturally over time as you strengthen your belief in yourself and your awareness of your power.

But you can certainly begin playing with this new visionary version any time you like.

If you feel excited by this design up-levelling, please feel free to begin applying it to your vision.

You might want to review your notes on previous answers to the question, What’s working? and then assess that feedback through this new filter.

Alternatively, you could just make a mental note to include this new empowered level of enquiry as you continue along Your Creative Dharma journey.

Either way is good.

And you’ll also notice that as you continue with these practices, you’ll spontaneously and automagically begin refining your efforts and intentions to more precisely match your vision, your strengths and your joy.

So, enjoy your upgrades!

And know that this focus will lead to a more enjoyable, effortless and aligned path to success.

“As we grow,
we are then able to see more of
what has to happen next.”



I hope you’re enjoying these Graduation Goodies!

They’re designed to help you feel inspired and empowered as you move into this next phase of Your Creative Dharma journey.

There’s just one final idea I have to share with you that will be arriving in the next couple of days… 


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